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Allow me to introduce the artists who performs the magic at Billy Jacks Tattoos & Piercings...

When you mix a clean, hospital atmosphere, thousands of beautiful designs and two top-notch artists waiting to put
your favorite designs on your body forever, you have a pretty good description of Billy Jacks tattoos and body piercing.

"Hell Yes It Hurts!"


"Billy Jack"

The legendary Billy Jack started with an apprenticeship at RC's Tattooing nearly 18 years ago. He has been in the tattoo
business for over 18 years. he tattooed in North Carolina for 7 years and opened the first tattoo parlor in Bristol Tn.

Billy Jacks shop has always recieved a 100% health rating from the Tn Board of Health. He has tattooed doctors,
nurses, and people that work at the health department




The shop itself is, of course, immaculate. Very pleasing to the eye, as well. With flash covering every wall you could
hang out all day and never get bored, although custom work is what he does best. By the way, Billy Jack's was
Bristol's first tattoo shop, and has always had an "A" rating from the health department.


One key point of anywhere you go to get a tattoo must be cleanliness. Billy Jack's Tattoos & Piercings is Tennessee Health
Board Approved and has always received an "A" rating from the health department. Also to prevent contamination
they use a new needle for every tattoo..


9 Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 3
Bristol, Tn 37620

Business Hours: Mon - Sat 1:00pm - 8:00pm

Phone: 423-968-3939

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and are not to be taken, redistributed or claimed as your own work. If you would like use of any of the flash designs
please contact Billy Jack for express permission.

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